18-19 September 2020

CANCELLED: Advance Politics II – The End of Business as Usual: Policies for Future Well-being

Given latest developments of the COVID-19 outbreak, this event has been cancelled. We will reach out to you with further updates and in the meantime continue to offer online dialogue formats.

Taking place in Bilbao on 18-19 September 2020, this second round of scenario exercises on “The End of Business as Usual: Policies for Future Well-being” will take place in collaboration with the Institute for Integrated Economic Research.

The fear of economic uncertainty, whether perceived or real; the increasingly high salience of climate change topics and the lack of timely political answers, are making citizens restless. Thanks to this initiative, you will be able to exchange perspectives around the themes of prosperity, growth and well-being with other Members of Parliaments from across Europe. You will gather a deeper understanding of the fragilities of the current economic model and shape your awareness and capability to react to large and highly disruptive challenges such as a prolonged economic contraction.

What are the core drivers of prosperity in the first half of the 21st century?

What economic macro-shifts should policy-makers be anticipating?

How would a substantial GDP contraction affect the way we think about economic policymaking today?

Do we need to rethink the current economic policy model?

The workshop will be conducted under the OED House Rules, in an informal and safe environment to allow you to experiment a new thinking beyond your business as usual political conversation spaces.

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