9-11 September 2022

7th Annual Policymakers Dialogue | Blank Canvas: An Opportunity for Europe?

After almost three years of remote meetings, the Open European Dialogue reconvened to offer a moment of reflection for policymakers from across Europe to come together and exchange perspectives on the evolving political landscape. Seventy members of parliament from twenty-six countries came together in an open exchange on the most pressing political issues of our time.

Europe and its policymakers have faced unparalleled challenges over the last years.

Between a global pandemic that forced our societies and economies into uncharted waters and the ongoing war in Ukraine with its humanitarian and geopolitical implications, policymakers have been dealing with unprecedented challenges, taken on enormous responsibilities, and had to make difficult decisions. As the compound effect of these policy and political challenges is yet unknown, policymakers across Europe grapple with an uncertain future.

Thematic Angles. To approach these shared topics, this dialogue combined expert exchange and learning with an open agenda format. Specifically, experts were invited to  support the conversations, serving as a spring board for policymakers to touch upon and discuss current political issues.

Throughout the weekend, our consortium of policymakers and experts discussed:

  • The war in Ukraine and its implications for European strategic autonomy, Europe’s relationship with Russia and the potential emergence of a new global order;
  • The aftermath of Covid-19 and the long-term consequences for our societies, including exacerbated socio-economic inequalities and the impact of financial responses to the pandemic on our current economic models and paradigms;
  • Critical transitions, including the advancement of the digitalization agenda and digital rights, and the question of energy security and supply in the context of the green transition and climate change action.

A dialogue for parliamentarians, by parliamentarians.

The Annual Dialogue is a tailored space for parliamentarians. Thanks to the internationally recognized ‘Good Offices’ of the Open European Dialogue (OED), and an innovative open-agenda format, policymakers are able to choose and discuss the issues that matter most to them, connecting and collaborating with colleagues who share their same interests. The Open European Dialogue is specialized in creating a secure space for dialogue and understanding between parliamentarians.

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