MP Open Call #4 – The Geo-Economic Debate on Transatlantic Relations with China Continues
The Open European Dialogue’s latest monthly MP Open Call saw the lively participation of six parliamentarians from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, and Lithuania. As usual for these calls, the participants set the agenda themselves. Their conversation covered several pressing topics, like the state of the European rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine and the recent EU-China agreement on investment.
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Next Generation EU: How Creative Responses Can Empower Parliaments in the Crisis-Driven Era of the Executive
On 19 October, 12 network members of the Open European Dialogue (OED) from Italy, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Luxembourg, and Spain, joined a call initiated by their colleague Damian Boeselager, Member of the European Parliament. The participants engaged in a discussion that was framed by the question: how can parliamentarians make sure that they are not sidelined in the process of designing, disbursing, and evaluating Europe’s answer to the Covid-19 crisis?
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