27-29 September 2024

9th Annual Policymakers Dialogue | The Age of Turmoil: Navigating Conflict in a Changing World

From September 27th to September 29th, 2024, the Annual Policymakers Dialogue will bring together policymakers from across Europe in Zagreb, Croatia, to discuss today’s policymaking challenges by exploring the nature and socio-political implications of conflict in a democratic society.

In recent years, conflict has increasingly become a recurring feature of current affairs.

From the protracted war against Ukraine to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, along with farmer protests across Europe and inflamed national debates on abortion rights in France, Poland, and Italy, there are numerous instances where conflict has dominated the political agenda.

Driven by geopolitical tensions and amplified societal cleavages, the rise of domestic and global unrest is profoundly shaping the political landscape, polarizing public opinion and influencing policy decisions, often leading to definitive and deeply entrenched stances.

In this political climate, politicians’ role in navigating these tensions is crucial. Understanding, managing, and addressing these disputes while striving to address constituents’ concerns effectively has become a critical challenge of contemporary policymaking.

Exercising leadership in an age of turmoil challenges politicians to explore a new understanding of their role in society and may require honing new political skills and strategies.

This year’s Annual Policymakers Dialogue presents a unique opportunity for a selected cohort of members of parliament from across Europe to come together and discuss the dynamics of conflict in European societies today.

Together, we will delve into some pivotal questions for our democracy:

  • What are current conflicts’ societal, economic and political implications for citizens and nations?
  • What do we know about the underlying root causes and exacerbating factors that fuel political unrest?
  • What role do political institutions, and particularly parliamentarians, have in navigating the tensions in our society? What is the role of parliamentary diplomacy in this context?
  • What tools and strategies can policymakers leverage to promote stability and consensus-building in a polarized society?
  • Can conflict be harnessed as a catalyst for positive change?

The Annual Policymakers Dialogue is a two-day exclusive parliamentary dialogue informed by top-tier experts and practitioners. Participants will have the unique opportunity to explore new thinking and solutions to address some of the fundamental political challenges of our time alongside parliamentary colleagues from across Europe and the political spectrum.


Are you a member of parliament and would like to join this exclusive parliamentary dialogue? Please email Rebecca Farulli at rebecca@aproposgroup.org or use the contact form below to send us a message.

We would be honoured to welcome you to Zagreb, where together, we will navigate “The Age of Turmoil” and uncover the challenges and opportunities that this historical moment in time offers to European politics and its policymakers.

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