14-16 October 2016

MED III – Quo Vadis EU?

Our Third Mercator European Dialogue (MED) offered another unique space for national parliamentarians from across Europe and the opportunity for shared conversation about issues of common interest and concern. Building on the success of the first two Forums held in Berlin and Athens, we witnessed a continuing involvement of many parliamentarians from various political and national backgrounds joined by a new cohort of voices.

The Third MED was be guided by the title “Quo Vadis EU? Brexit, Political Polarisation and Democratic Deconsolidation”. This time, the Members of Parliament discussed the implications of the “Brexit”, with a view to both practical political consequences and the seismic shifts modern democracies seem to be undergoing. They shared their visions of the future of the EU, debated their role in these scenarios and searched for avenues of common action.

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