24-27 August 2019

MED x European Forum Alpbach: Liberty and Security in Policymaking

This collaboration was organized together with European Forum Alpbach. OED Collaborations activate external partnerships to deliver its members with tailored events designed around a variety of themes, audiences and objectives. To know more about collaborations click here.

The European Forum Alpbach offers a unique space to reflect on the latest political developments in Europe and gather insights from first-class international decision-makers and high-level experts from the worlds of business, politics, culture and civil society. The Mercator European Dialogue provided members of its network with the special opportunity to be selected for a scholarship to join the high-level political and legal symposia of the Forum. The European Forum Alpbach and the MED share the same goal of creating dialogue across generational, ideological and political lines of division and invite you to make use of this opportunity to connect to actors and innovators in your fields of interest, in the inspiring surroundings of the Austrian Alps.

This year’s forum was dedicated to the complex tensions and the balance between “Liberty and Security”. With the disenchantment of liberal democracy in the 21st century, it is up to policymakers to reassess this balance, to protect human rights, to work on different levels of governance, and to provide a vision for societies to live together in the future.

Apart from participation in the Forum, members of the network were invited for an exclusive lunch meeting for Members of Parliament on “Security and liberty in Europe: Policymaking in an era of value conflicts”.

Read the full story about the event below.

After the event, MPs shared their views on the question: Should governments systematically collect data of individuals to advance the public good? Read their responses here.

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Outcomes Report
14 November 2019
Outcomes Report
from the MP Meeting at the European Forum Alpbach, 2019

Data collection has become a necessary tool for governments, but this workshop to policymakers highlights the need for strong checks and balances and a clearly defined mandate for governments to protect personal data from misuse.
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