17 April 2020

OED x Advance Politics: Exploring Critical Action to Prevent a Terminal Crisis #2

This collaboration was organized together with Advance Politics. OED Collaborations activate external partnerships to deliver its members with tailored events designed around a variety of themes, audiences and objectives. To know more about collaborations click here.

OED 120

As a response to the current crisis, the Open European Dialogue launched its new OED 120 format. 120 minutes for facilitated online dialogue among members of parliament and a policy deep dive enriched with condensed and highly specialized expert insights.

We have a crisis that requires decisive leadership to provide key supports for society.  The ‘doctors’ – strategists, NGOs and policymakers – are circulating many ideas for a better future that might be useful to pursue once the patient is discharged. But the ‘patient’ – EU economy and society – is now in critical condition.

The support provided needs to be strategic and comprehensive – and prepared in advance. Given the stakes, there is no time to lose. So, how to stabilize the patient?

We were joined by two global experts, Hannes Kunz and Nate Hagens from The Institute for Integrated Economic Research (IIER) and its partner organization (ISEOF). They have been simulating economies with a complex modelling approach for the past decade and are now focused on the analysis of this crisis.

This OED 120-minute Zoom dialogue enabled a small group of parliamentarians to explore together:

  • the critical economic, financial and social implications of this crisis;
  • further decisive national and pan-European actions that may be required;
  • ways to engage with others at the heart of key decision-making processes.

Open European Dialogue x Advance Politics

Advance Politics is a special collaborative project designed by the Open European Dialogue team together with The Institute for Integrated Economic Research (IIER). The format aims to provide a space for Members of Parliaments to engage in out-of-the-box thinking and scenario exercises. It is explicitly designed to challenge existing policy and political assumptions and dig deeper into the big questions of our times through collaborative enquiry with select policymakers from across Europe.

About IIER

The Institute for Integrated Economic Research is a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands and the U.S. It focuses on identifying empirically validated macroeconomic system descriptions and models. Key aspects of the work of IIER include the development of a thorough understanding of our (human) eco(nomic) system, integrating traditional economics, resource use, financial systems and human behaviour, and providing and promoting inputs for society, academia and policymaking with the aim of broadening knowledge and effort towards understanding and mitigating future risks.

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Follow-Up Paper
28 April 2020
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OED x Advance Politics – Exploring Critical Action to Prevent a Terminal Crisis
These OED120 Emergency Dialogues took place in the “Advance Politics” framework, a OED collaboration with the Institute for Integrated Economic Research. They consisted of three calls, taking place on 9 April, 17 April, and 4 May 2020, that enabled 18 parliamentarians from 14 countries to explore the critical economic, financial, and social implications of the Covid-19 crisis, as well as looking at the decisive national and pan-European actions that may be required in response to the pandemic.
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