13-14 March 2024

OED x Paris Defence and Strategy Forum 2024

MP initiative

Fostering robust political discourse is paramount in a dynamic landscape where geopolitical challenges demand nuanced dialogue. On March 13th and 14th, OED member Natalia Pouzyreff, Member of the French Parliament, invited a parliamentary delegation of 13 members to the inaugural Paris Defence and Strategy Forum (#PDSF2024), hosted by the Académie de défense de l’École militaire of the French Ministry of Armed Forces.

This initiative, incubated during last year’s OED Interparliamentary Collaboration Lab focused on the war in Ukraine, aimed to explore the multifaceted dimensions of Europe’s evolving geopolitical landscape. During the Forum, our delegation engaged in enriching exchanges, representing a diverse array of perspectives from Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Georgia, Italy, Poland, Portugal, and Romania. As initiated by Natalia Pouzyreff, a dedicated session was devoted to this interparliamentary dialogue, providing a platform for MPs to deliberate on critical issues shaping Europe’s future.

Central to our discussion was the imperative for unified European leadership in crafting a coordinated response to Russia’s aggressive actions, the efficacy of economic sanctions, and individual nations’ commitments to supporting Ukraine. Additionally, we delved into the complexities of ensuring long-term security in the Black Sea region and the role of parliamentarians as communicators of strategic discourse to the public.

We extend our gratitude to all participants who contributed their insights and perspectives. Together, through initiatives like these, we reaffirm our commitment to maintaining an interparliamentary channel open for politicians across borders and party lines to discuss political strategies with regard to the war.

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