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What our members say about us
These seminars are extremely useful – some of the ideas I have successfully used in shaping proposals for our national COVID-19 response.
A helpful concept that is needed in Europe today.
Parliamentarians have limited international relations. When we receive contributions from elected representatives from other countries, our ability to act at the national level increases.
It is an opportunity to have a conversation with my EU peers, away from daily politics and not too influenced by national party political lines.
One of the most intellectually stimulating discussions I have attended in a long time.
The informal meetings have provided a context in which parliamentarians can feel safe to discuss real issues and sow trust between countries and peoples.
An enriching experience for my activity as a Member of Parliament.
At the Open European Dialogue I heard excellent policy proposals along with concrete examples on how to carry them out.
Learning more about realities in different countries makes us better politicians.
These digital meetings have helped me formulate many people-oriented solutions.