27 August 2018

Inaugural Meeting of the MP Steering Committee at the European Forum Alpbach

At the European Forum Alpbach, members of the MP Steering Committee discussed the role of the MED for the work of parliamentarians and reflected on future goals and opportunities.

On the sidelines of the European Forum Alpbach, taking place in August 2018, the MED further used the occasion of the forum to convene its “Inaugural meeting of the MP Steering Committee”, to inform and consult members of the committee on latest and future developments in the network and use the opportunity to gain MP insights and wishes as to the future direction of the network.

The meeting’s discussions further reflected a key characteristic of the parliamentary network – the ownership of MPs. The MED works for and through the active participation of its members and thus relies on ongoing input in order to improve its ability to cater to the needs of parliamentarians. For example, MP Steering Committee members discussed their own role in promoting the valuable work of the network to their peers to broaden the network and allow for a more diverse group.


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