20 April 2021

Fueling Geopolitics – Insights on Energy Politics in Europe’s Neighborhood

We explored the nexus of energy policy and geopolitical ambitions at the EU’s eastern borders in the first OED POLICY DEEP-DIVE of the season hosted by our partner ELIAMEP.

Participants were joined by Ioannis Grigoriadis, Senior Research Fellow and Head of ELIAMEP’s Turkey Program, and Associate Professor and Jean Monnet Chair of European Studies at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Bilkent University in Turkey and Kristine Berzina, Senior Fellow of the Alliance for Securing Democracy at the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

During the conversation, policymakers were able to share views and learn about other national and parliamentary perspectives on the following points:

  • What has changed with regard to energy politics in the EU’s neighborhood? What trends can we expect?
  • Who are the most relevant actors to observe?
  • What are European and national priorities in this complex set-up?
  • What are meaningful ways for parliamentarians to get involved in the issue?



The OED120 Policy Deep-Dive format allows parliamentarians to receive a concise briefing, ask questions to an expert and discuss, with colleagues, a narrowly defined topic during a 120-minute video call. The OED provides professional facilitation to extract the most value out of the discussions. Policymakers get the chance to share their perspectives with their colleagues, while having topic expertise on hand for questions and clarifications. Topics are chosen as they emerge through other network activities as ripe for a more in-depth discussion, or they are suggested by members of the network, or flagged by the network of OED researchers and experts. MP network members can initiate these calls and volunteer their expertise on a topic of their choosing.


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