1 October 2020

MP Open Call: Your Direct Line to Europe’s Policymakers #1

At a time of social distancing, maintaining human connection and exchanging information can be tough. The Open European Dialogue (OED) continues in its mission of creating neutral and informal spaces that are accessible and can help strengthen dialogue between policymakers across Europe.

Starting on 1 October 2020, the OED is offering monthly open-agenda check-ins for members of parliament.

This first Open Call was joined by two parliamentarians from Germany, Austria, and Lithuania. The participants discussed the EU refugee policy and the state of Covid19 responses in their countries. See the download section below for the Highlights of the conversation. A more focused take can be found here.

Our next MP Open Call will take place on 2 November 2020 from 08.00 till 09.00 am (CET). For more information, please click here.

Our activities are for Open European Dialogue network members only. Not a network member yet? Find out more.

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Highlights from the call
5 October 2020
Highlights from the call
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