10 May 2022

MP Open Call: Your Direct Line to Europe’s Policymakers #15

The consequences of global warming highlight the urgency to reshape economies, which poses important questions to highly industrial regions such as the Ruhr area in Germany.

In May 2022, the Open European Dialogue (OED) was able to discuss the matter with one of its network members from the region, offering an insight into climate policy initiatives and projects promoted under the umbrella project Klimametropole RUHR 2022 (Climate Metropolis RUHR 2022).

This May MP Open Call additionally provided a space where to share perspectives on the implications and the interdependencies of the topic with questions related to the current energy crisis, German and European efforts towards a green transition, and further relevant policy issues.


The OED is committed to strengthening dialogue between policymakers across Europe by providing a neutral, informal, and accessible space for conversation. Our MP Open Calls grew out of this mission and are a space for parliamentarians to set the agenda, discuss pressing national and European issues, and support each other by sharing best practices and concerns.

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