3 June 2024

Policy Design Sprint: AI, Tech & the Future of the European Workforce

Policymakers are confronted with a critical challenge: ideating regulatory frameworks capable of meeting the needs of a dynamic and evolving job market, accelerated in profound ways by rapid technological advancements and systemic integration of AI systems. 

This demands innovative labor policies that can help our society navigate the uncertainties of the future and support the resilience and adaptability of Europe’s workforce.

The OED Policy Design Sprint is a unique and innovative online format specifically designed for Members of Parliament to jointly craft a policy prototype in just seven weeks.

The 2024 OED Policy Design Sprint will focus on the question, How do we future-proof Europe’s workforce in the light of rapid technological disruption?”

AI is poised to transform the future of work in Europe. The integration of AI into various sectors promises increased efficiency, new job creation, and enhanced productivity. However, it also brings challenges such as job displacement, the need for new skills, and ethical considerations. Policymakers must balance these opportunities and challenges to ensure that AI benefits society as a whole. Additionally, they must ensure that AI systems are developed and deployed in ways that are fair, transparent, and respect individual rights. This dichotomy requires proactive policies to reskill and upskill workers, ensuring they remain competitive in the evolving job market.

The Policy Design Sprint, developed by APROPOS – Advancing Process in Politics, supports cross-country and cross-party collaboration and allows policymakers to engage with stakeholders from various sectors, such as academia, civil society, and the private sector. The Policy Design Sprint involves four meetings: Problem Framing, Idea Elaboration, Feedback & Fine-Tuning, and Closing of Sprint. These meetings guide participants from defining the core challenge and developing a prototype to gathering feedback and planning the next steps, ensuring the policy ideas are realistic and ready for further testing. Assisted by policy experts, communication strategists, and the APROPOS team, policymakers from across Europe will experience a new and creative way of policy development.

This unique format not only facilitates fast experimentation and testing of policy solutions but also promotes trust and ownership, preventing extreme polarisation and contributing to the long-term sustainability of cross-border policy initiatives. At the end of this collaborative and dynamic process, participants will have crafted an innovative policy prototype that addresses challenges posed by rapid technological advancements for the European workforce. This prototype will serve as a foundation for future legislative efforts, ensuring that Europe remains at the forefront of technological innovation while promoting a fair and inclusive job market.

The 2024 Policy Design Sprint will kick off on 3 June and run until 16 July 2024.


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