12 September 2023

War in Ukraine: Collaboration Initiatives for Parliaments

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“There isn’t a space for us national parliamentarians to work together on our response to the Ukraine War. We need a channel where we can keep coordinating and exchanging strategies.”   

Member of the Estonian Parliament, “War in Ukraine” OED Future Workshop participant


The special Interparliamentary Lab “War in Ukraine: Collaboration Initiatives for Parliaments” will take place online, on the 12th of September from 8:00 to 10:00 (CEST).  

In July, 20 members of parliament from Europe and Ukraine met in Warsaw to participate in the Open European Dialogue’s Future Workshop, where future scenarios for the evolution of the war in Ukraine were discussed. Building on these conversations and the cooperation opportunities that were identified, the cohort of parliamentarians who met in Warsaw has invited the whole Open European Dialogue policymakers’ network to further develop parliamentary coordination and cooperation initiatives in support of Ukraine. 


A pan-European cross-party initiative  
Responding to the demands of the parliamentarians of the Open European Dialogue network, Members of Parliaments from across Europe are invited to join a cross-party collaborative parliamentary initiative and contribute to developing improved coordination and strategic exchange of parliamentary responses to the ongoing war in Ukraine.  


Interparliamentary Lab preview

The Lab is supported by the process design and facilitation expertise of the Open European Dialogue, recognised by the OECD as a best practice for cross-border collaboration. It is a collaboration space specifically designed to enable parliamentarians to develop collaboration initiatives identified at the OED Future Workshop on the war in Ukraine, such as: 

  • Creating an interparliamentary cooperation platform for European parliaments supporting Ukraine;
  • Combating Russian disinformation: Best-practice sharing initiative;
  • Setting up cross-country and cross-party parliamentary delegation visits to Ukraine. 

It will also provide a dedicated space for new collaboration initiatives to emerge and be developed. 

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